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March 15, 2022 3 min read

What is a capsule wardrobe for kids?

At BLAZE, we’re all about keeping it simple. From our products to our mission, we set out to create children’s clothing that makes sense! As a mom of two, I also know that part of keeping our lives happy and healthy is about keeping it easy. A kid’s capsule wardrobe can do just that and we’re here to help.  

matching kids sets 

What makes a kid’s wardrobe a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe means that most of the items in it are easy to mix and match. While many adults use this system to create a minimalistic approach to life, parents are doing it for newfound sanity while dressing their toddlers! Teaching children to dress themselves is one of life’s great challenges. When I think back on the outfits Knighton and Hastings have put together over the years, I can remember some real doozies!! It’s important for our children to feel a sense of agency as they learn to care for themselves. It doesn’t hurt to have a few minutes to myself in the morning either. 


One of the ways to help kids (and their parents) on their way is to create an easy mix-and-match capsule wardrobe. A complete capsule wardrobe includes a selection of tops and bottoms that are distinct but complementary. Not only does this approach to your child’s wardrobe makes it easier to create fabulous outfits, but it can also cut down on the number of clothes that seem to stack up so quickly as they grow. Capsule wardrobes are all about buying quality, not quantity. This means neater drawers and smaller piles of laundry. Who doesn’t want that? 


girl wearing green matching joggers


Making this a focus at Blaze Kids was actually inspired by my wonderful husband. After fighting with our toddler on what to wear to school for the 100th time he exclaims “ I wish all of his clothes were easier to match! He is so overwhelmed by all the options and picks the worst combos” Sound familiar?

Why do you need this system in your life?

We all gravitate to the clothes we feel the most comfortable and confident in. Kids do the same thing! I’ve found that no matter how many options I give my kids they always end up wearing the same things. Below are my favorite benefits to creating a capsule wardrobe for kids:

Less overhaul laundry days! I always dread this.  

Quicker mornings and less decision fatigue 

Your kiddos will have much more confidence in choosing their outfits! 

Shopping becomes simple because you have a framework on what to buy


kids joggers

How to build a kids capsule wardrobe 

I’ve broken this process down into a few easy steps to give you a starting point on making the switch! 

Buy their clothing in one big trip! 

The purpose of creating this wardrobe is to create cohesiveness and simplicity. Shopping with the goal of mixing and matching is much easier all at once as it allows you to stay aligned with your color scheme or style. This will also allow you to have a bigger picture view of what you need and already have. Doing this seasonally is also a great way to streamline this process!


kids wearing matching joggers

Choose your favorite brands

Just like adults, kids' clothing sizes are completely different from brand to brand. Sticking to a few of your favorite kid's clothing brands will create consistency and make repeat purchasing easy. This will also allow you to be less concerned about a new purchase matching what you already have. 

Always go for comfort

My kids are really active. With so much energy to get out, I often find them climbing all over the place or chasing each other outside. This period of life is so short and I want to enable them to be as active as they want to be! This is why comfort and functionality are so important to Blaze Kids. 

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