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Family Nomination

Nominate a family to be chosen for our giving campaigns and BLAZE THEIR TRAIL.
Take a look at our logo. What do you see?

When I designed this logo, my desire was that someone would see a path that starts at the top and one that starts at the bottom. As they travel past one another in the middle, similar to the idea of "two ships passing in the night", they are clearing hardships, burdens and unexpected challenges out of the way for another person traveling as well.

THIS is why the idea of blazing THEIR trail was born. You can join us in this adventure by nominating a family you personally know who might be facing huge mountains. This can mean health issues, unexpected tragedy, or simply a season of loss: our team will select a family or small organization each quarter to support.

Every quarter we will not only make our OWN donation to this family, but we will involve all of YOU in a 24 giving campaign where you can send these families in need your love, or simply your Venmo balance that you didn't know you had... from .15cents to $50. EVERY single donation can have a HUGE impact when combined.

Join me in blazing their trail. A path with less barriers to make life better, even in a small way. You can be part of the fun LIVE on our Instagram page in the stories section.

How to Nominate a Family:
Please Include:

Your Name:

Recipients First and last name:

Tell us why you are nominating this family/individual or small organization:

Your email address:

Email address of the recipient:

Please let the recipient know you have nominated them. We do keep a running list so no need to reapply once you have done so.
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